Burn Reality is a political commentary site.

It's not about burning reality, it's about burning away the fake reality that has been created to distract you away from the things that matter.

Civilizations are built on certain principles. Peace. Defense. Economic security. The rule of law. The role of a government is to manage the available resources (taxes, usually) and use them to accomplish the tasks of managing internal operations and external threats. (The following are generalities:)

  • Peace: this includes policing and civil courts, things that keep life free of stress and victims.
  • Defense: things like natural disasters, attacks from an enemy (whether that is a state or other threat).
  • Economic Security: Things like trade deals, ensuring that jobs do not flee to other countries, ensuring that national resources (ie. oil, coal, wood, steel) are sold for fair value so that the country can benefit from exploiting them.

For hundreds of years, successful civilizations have striven to do exactly these things, and maintain as high a quality of life as possible for its citizens.

Unfortunately, for the last 100 years or so there has been a push to throw this all away. In the name of "peace" people are willing to abolish borders, bring in people with incompatible cultures and make no attempt at having them integrate into our civilization. They have used the power of the state to make dissent against what used to be called Treason a "crime". They use language as a weapon, and promote the same discredited ideas that first created, and then brought down, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

As a result of the last few decades of propaganda, many people believe that this false reality is the real reality. It's not. Continuing down the path that we have been going down since the 1960s will completely and utterly destroy the very civilization that you are a part of.

The goal of BurnReality is to expose the fakery that is, in a very real sense, destroying everything that makes our civilization great, and arm you with the knowledge required to push back against those who are doing this damage.

(Photo Credit: Leffler - 1968 Washington D.C. Martin Luther King, Jr. riots)