Your privacy is extremely important to you, and to us. For that reason, this site was built to comply with, and in some cases exceed, all applicable portions of the ISO27000 (formerly ISO17799) series of industry standards for website security and privacy. These standards are designed to protect you, and any data or information that you choose to leave with us.

Our site design policies included strict controls on who can access accounts, how secure your account information is from other users on the site, and how secure your account information is from outside attack or snooping.

Although no system can ever truly be considered "perfect", we are proud of the job we have done in protecting user data and site integrity, and confident in the security and safety of your, and our, data. Privacy is a moving target, since other sites are always attempting new ways to harvest your personal information. We do our best to continue stopping them.

We take your privacy seriously.

What Information Do You Gather?

We require your real name and a valid email address that you have proven you receive email at in order to subscribe or interact with our site in any way. All other information you leave with us is voluntary.

In the event that you are a Model or Artist, we require identification for proof of age and for us to send payment.

Who Else Sees That Information?

Nobody. We ONLY use the information we keep on you for our own site operations. We do not sell, give away, lend, rent, or otherwise share your information with ANYONE, for ANY reason.

What About Facebook Login?

On some Sites we allow users to create an account using Facebook Login. The only information we require from Facebook is your name and email address. We don’t track your friends list or obtain any other information, and we do NOT inform Facebook of your activities on this site. The sole reason for using Facebook Login is as a convenience factor for users.


We have active measures in place to block search engines from finding images or data, ensuring your privacy. Some crawlers are very aggressive and ignore requests or demands to stay out of our site. We try to send those to a fake site so they can index nothing.

Social Networks

Because of the nature of this site we have taken steps to ensure that your use of this site remains separate from other Internet interactions you may have. Other than Facebook Login allowed for convenience, we do not maintain any social network links (including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.). In addition we do not participate in any third-party usage tracking services, including Alexa, Google Analytics, etc. Your value to us as a paying customer is greater than it would be if we were being paid for tracking you.


We use your email address to confirm your account, and at your choice we will send you emails under certain circumstances (for example, a notification that you have received a private message), but only if you specifically request them.

We do not, and will not, sell, lend, or lease your email address to any third party for advertising (spamming), and will not send you any emails other than those you specifically request.

If you are getting emails from this site that are unwanted, please sign in and update your preferences. If you have lost your password or otherwise have no access to the site, be aware that ALL emails of any sort from this site will cease after 12 months of inactivity.

Cookies and JavaScript

Like all modern Web Sites, this Site uses Cookies to store small amounts of data on your computer. This data is sent to our Servers as you use the Site to identify you to the Site.  Without using these Cookies it is unlikely that any Site would work at all. We do not in any way put any harmful or potentially harmful information on your computer with Cookies.

Similarly, JavaScript is a programming language that runs in your browser to perform certain operations, including image viewing and some of our Security. Disabling JavaScript will cause the Site to be non-functional. We rigorously test all JavaScript modules that might be sent to your computer, to ensure that there is no malicious or potentially harmful code. JavaScript within browsers will not execute code that could potentially erase files or disclose private information from your computer. As with Cookies, virtually all Sites that perform any useful function require JavaScript.

Personal Information

Personal information beyond your email address and name includes your IP address, your location, your address and phone number, and any content you choose to leave with us. This kind of information is used in the operation of the site, and in most cases is used for gathering site usage statistics or satisfying legal requirements such as proof-of-age.

We have developed a very secure server to prevent anyone else from obtaining any information we might maintain, and take all best-practice steps to ensure that such information cannot be obtained by outside parties.


Any images you choose to upload to this site will be used for the purposes you define, and no other. We respect your right to determine usage of any images (or other content).

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Canadian Copyright Law are very clear on the ownership of photographs and other creative works. As soon as you take a picture, you own the rights to it. By uploading an image to our server you are entering into a legal agreement that allows us to use that image for a purpose you define. Usually that purpose will be to share those pictures with others that you choose, or the public, or sell the pictures either generally or exclusively.

You are specifically prohibited from uploading Copyrighted images that you do not own the rights to, especially pictures of others that you might use to represent yourself. Only post images that you own the rights to. For example, even if you took the original pictures, if you sold them to a magazine or other distribution method you probably no longer own the rights to them. Please help things run smoothly by examining the agreements or legal documents on pictures you may have already sold to someone else.


We have taken all reasonable steps to determine the legality of this site and its operation. All Models have confirmed that they are of legal age by providing photo ID.

We do not condone or encourage any illegal or unlawful activity, and are making every attempt to provide a safe, clean and legal operation for both our users and ourselves. In the event that you see someone violating either our site rules or the law, please inform us first so we can investigate and deal with it. This is not so we can “cover it up”, but because we are better equipped to remove offending material quickly and effectively, and we have the legal standing required to launch legal proceedings.

Specific Restrictions

We like to think of ourselves as a demonstration of freedom of expression, allowing creative people to share their art, and everyday people to share their personal intimate images without restriction. However, we specifically exclude illegal activity.

ANY INSTANCE OF CHILD PORN or UNLAWFUL IMAGES OF ANY SORT will be investigated. Child porn is unacceptable in our society and will be reported to legal authorities if discovered. Remember that it is not only unlawful to have explicit or pornographic images of anyone under 18, but also to represent anyone as being under 18. We don’t think we need to define “child porn”, you know what it is.

Be aware that your right to privacy is revoked if you attempt to use our site for distribution of illegal/unlawful images, especially those involving children. In such a case we would cooperate fully and voluntarily with law-enforcement, and would probably act on our own to ensure that an investigation is launched. Any other release of information would require a court order.

Corporate Disclosure

Our corporate operations are in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and the physical servers are in Atlanta, Georgia, so we are subject to the laws of the United States and Canada. If this sort of site is against the law in your country then we invite you to stop using this site. We will not change who we are to accommodate you, your country, your culture, or your religion.

Trackers and Ads

We do not use trackers and will not allow them to be installed on our site. Trackers are small code blocks that report back to a central location what you are doing, and are used to gather statistical information. They are used by almost all Social Networks and major sites, and especially advertisers who attempt to feed you ads based on your internet usage patterns.

We don't like ads. They steal bandwidth that could otherwise be used for actual content. The reason this is a pay site, besides earning money for artists and models, is so that we can afford to keep the servers and content free of advertising and privacy intrusions.