This site is always looking for content. You can submit content on almost any topic, as long as it explains or promotes a conservative concept or ideal. You can also submit news items, especially items that are not published elsewhere and can be confirmed.

These submission guidelines are only guidelines but following them will increase the chance of your submission being published on the site.

The goal is to have relatively small individual articles, suitable for reading in just a few minutes. These articles should discuss one topic, and be clearly defined as one, two or three of the topics being managed (Politics, Conservatism, Religion, Economics, Sexuality, Science, Climate, People, etc). If required, we can create a new topic. Articles can include pictures, charts, graphs, etc. It is essential that all content is your original work, or rights must be granted, especially important for pictures, charts and graphs.

An article should be written for a target audience of college educated adults who have a neutral or hostile outlook toward conservative concepts. Avoid provocative or antagonistic statements and claims. Assume that this might be read fifty years in the future by someone researching the rise of a New Conservative Movement. Assume a conversational tone, but avoid slang or colloquialisms.

Statements or claims that might be considered "controversial" or are strongly opposite of what the mainstream left are taught should be backed with CREDIBLE links. That means no Wikipedia or clickbait sites.

Regular or trusted contributors can apply to become independent artists, who can create their own content directly on the site and even get their own page.

To submit an item or if you have any questions about submissions, send email to